Religion, Race, and Justice in the US

Spring 2018


Religion, Race, and Justice in the U.S., Spring 2018

University of the Pacific


Essential Information

Caroline T. Schroeder ("Dr. S")

MW 3-4:45 pm, WPC 122

Fulfills GE I-B
Fulfills requirements for credit in Ethnic Studies
Fulfills University Diversity Requirement

cschroeder [at]
WPC 101
Office Hours M 1:30-2:30 pm, W 9:30-10:30 am, by appt.

In this class, we will use specification grading.

This method of assessment is designed to encourage you to take ownership of your own education. What does this mean? Your success in the course will be evaluated in terms of course learning goals. Everything in this course will be assessed as “Satisfactory” or “Incomplete” based on whether you demonstrate the stated learning goals. Assignments will be “bundled” into tiers. Final grades will be based on which bundle(s) of assignments you satisfactorily complete. All of your work in class will be graded, but the only letter grade you will receive will reflect the bundle(s) of assignments and requirements that you have satisfactorily completed at the end of the semester. 
More information about each of items in these bundles is available on the full syllabus.
Please keep in mind that “Satisfactory” and “Incomplete” do not correspond to “Pass” and “Fail”; instead, an assessment of Incomplete translates best to “Not done yet!"
grading bundles
You may use the TOKEN SYSTEM described on the full syllabus to revise assignments, request extensions, etc.

How to Succeed in This Class

  • Do the assignments
  • Take notes and/or annotate your readings/websites
  • Read your peers' posts before class
  • Get enough sleep and eat healthy
  • Comment on your peers' posts on the blog
  • LISTEN and ask questions
  • Contribute thoughtfully in ways that reference specific elements of the course readings
  • TAKE NOTES in class (we will create a collaborative Google doc; taking notes counts as participation)

  • Consult class notes AND readings before beginning
  • Cite and link to your sources
  • Provide strong evidence for your claims and media to illustrate
  • Meet with Dr S in office hours
  • Visit Dr. S in Office Hours
  • Talk to your peers in the class
  • Review the notes on the course Google Doc
  • Visit the University Writing Center
  • Contact the Office for Disability Services or Office of Veterans Services if you qualify or think you might qualify for their services

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